We are brothers and engineers at heart. Smit Vehicle Engineering, and our first vehicle, Oletha, are the products of our longstanding desire to build something beautiful together. We founded this company to express ourselves and our values through our physical creations, and to share those creations with others.

Lifelong fascinations with the automobile, passed from father to sons, have always been a focal element of our relationship as brothers. The BMWs of our childhoods at first captivated us through raw sensory and emotional allure, then again later in life through elegance in their design and engineering. The driving experience of these vehicles is something truly special, and the resulting sensations are nothing short of intoxicating. Our mission with this company is to synthesize this experience into one vehicle. That vehicle is intended to be the best tool for the drive. In the process, we work to restore the balance and connection between man and machine.

Out of respect for these inspirational machines and their original creators, we devote an enormous amount of energy and attention towards creating something that looks and feels as though it could have come from the factory. Much of our work is beneath the surface, disguised by the cohesive nature of the final product. The principle that guides our work and decisions, above all else, is that things must be done properly if they are to be done at all.

We have backgrounds in engineering and manufacturing across a range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, defense, and energy. Some of our previous employers include General Electric, Tesla Motors, Singer Vehicle Design, San Diego Composites, and Applied Composites. We have both always connected to the inherent value and satisfaction of physically making something, which is the common thread across all our past experiences. We now endeavor to fuse the latest developments in engineering and manufacturing technologies with the mechanical masterpieces of the past.


Willem Smit



Kaess Smit