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September 28 2022

And to then find it’s a modified version of the 3.2-litre straight six that powered the E46 M3... we’re trying to figure out if a chef’s kiss delivered through tears of joy would diminish or embellish the effect. 

January 29 2022

Although it looks like an original Z8, it's not trying to recreate it in the way it feels or drives - it's trying, and succeeding, in doing it better...I'd absolutely have one over an original.

December 15 2021

And that last 2,500rpm is just so special, so screamingly intense. It’s not the speed it gains so much as how it makes you feel, the vibrations through your chest, the sense of barely tamed beast thrashing away up front. What a drivetrain, so multi-faceted and rewarding. 

September 27 2021

This isn’t just everything we wanted the BMW Z8 to be; it’s everything we want a BMW to be

September 23 2021

Take a Z4 Coupe, make it look like a Z8, insert an M3 GTS engine, stand back and enjoy

September 22 2021

Smit Vehicle Engineering has done away with the flame surfacing of the donor and gone instead with a smooth, almost voluptuous body fully crafted from carbon-fiber composites.

September 3 2021

Could this company become for old-school BMWs what Singer Vehicle Design is for air-cooled Porsche 911s or Mechatronik for older Mercedes-Benzes? We certainly believe so.

August 31 2021

After rebuilding the car using a carbon fiber composite, Smit Vehicle Engineering got to work on the iconic S65B44 engine to give the N/A 4.4-liter V8 450+ BHP, which is sure to deliver a raw and raucous sound.

August 30 2021

It too is M-powered, but it's the V8 from the E92 M3 GTS. But ignore the powerplant for a second and just take in those gorgeous curves.

August 23 2021

Now, 21 years after the roadster went into production, there may still be a chance for some interested parties to get their hands on a Z8 Coupé.

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